Climate movies and clips

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Climate moviesClips on climate scienceNot purely science focused clips
  • Michael Crichton interviewed by Charlie Rose: clip 2, clip 3.
    (The hour-long conversation here. Global warming starts at 22 minutes.)

  • Australian Sunday at ninemsn, about people questioning the science of climate change. (2008)
    Clip 1, clip 2, clip 3. (The program originally here, with better quality, but now only the first clip of two clips.) (22 min)

  • Australian 60 Minutes on Channel 9. Tara Brown investigate the subject global warming. She interviews scientist David Evans, and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. (2008) Clip 1, clip 2. (7+10 min)
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3 Responses to “Climate movies and clips”

Sven G sa...
14 mars 2007 09:04

Några som vill köpa avlatsbrev? Köper du mina utsläppsrätter + en burk med koldioxid undviker du förtappelsen. Pris 100:-

Finns även i version med luft på burk. Paketpris 150:- för en av varje

montmorency sa...
10 november 2009 18:19

Sorry I can only comment in English:

Check this out:

(Senator Inhofe - Consensus in Conflict).


Magnus sa...
16 januari 2010 02:05

Thanks montmorency! Inhofe is a hero, but I must watch this, and I think that a clip should be at least half scientific to qualify in this list. (You may tip Popular Technology, who have links to all kinds of clips.)

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