Interviews, lectures, and debates

Videos in English - some with Swedish subtext or trancript

Nathan Glazer - [The Dead End of Multiculturalism] / Multikulturella återvändsgränden (40 min)
* Youtube video 1/4
* Youtube video 2/4
* Youtube video 3/4
* Youtube video 4/4

Pierre Lellouche - [Green Fascism] / En grön fascism (28 min) (2006)
* 1st link in this blog post

Wafa Sultan interviewed on Islam (10 min) (2007)
* Blog post

Christopher Caldwell in the panel debate Can Europe be Multicultural?, at AJC. (17 min) (2010)
* Blog post
The full debate, also with Heidrun Tempel, and Paul Berman. Moderator is Ben Cohen. (71 min) (2010)
* Vimeo video

Christopher Caldwell, interviewed on C-SPAN, by Brian Lamb. (57 min) (2009)
* 2nd video in this blog post

IQ2 debate on whether "Europe failing its Muslims", with Douglas Murray, Flemming Rose, Tariq Ramadan, and Petra Stienen. (45 min) (2010)
* Blog post

IQ2 debate whether "Islam is a religion of peace", with Douglas Murray, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Zeba Khan, and Maajid Nawas. (106 min) (2010)
* 1st video in this blog post

Melanie Phillips. Speak on Jihad on Campus, at David Horowitz's Restoration Weekend i Palm Beach, Florida. (13 min) (2008)
* Blog post

Barry Rubin. Thoughts on the the Muslim Brotherhood and how their radicalism is ignored. (23 min) (2011)
* Blog post

Videoklipp på svenska

Lars Hedegaard - En tredje muslimsk offensiv mot Europa 1/2 (38 min) (2006)
* Youtube-klipp 1/2
* Youtube-klipp 2/2


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