Melanie Phillips om radikaliserande strategi

Ett anförande av Melanie Phillips på temat "Jihad on Campus", som hölls vid David Horowitz's Restoration Weekend i Palm Beach, Florida, troligen i november 2008. (Melanie Phillips skrev boken Londonistan; här en FrontPage-intervju.)

Se även ett transkript nedan.

Melanie Phillips anförande:
I’m going to talk to you today about Britain. Britain, that little lost country which fell off the end of Europe and is now finds itself stranded in the middle of the Atlantic, and to which America must pay the closest possible attention for two reasons. First of all, Britain is a very important link in the Western alliance to defend Western civilization, and my contention, as I outlined in my book Londonistan, it is now a weak link. The weak link. And secondly, England, even though it is small punches above its culture […] it is the mother ship of English speaking culture and where Britain goes today the rest of the English speaking world goes tomorrow. And we in Britain take a lot from America, but we also give a lot to America. A lot of it has been good, and a lot of it now is bad, and your security establishment, in particular, is taking the worst possible lessons from ours about this threat which we are all gathered here, this weekend, to discuss and of which Campus Jihad is both a symbol, and in Britain much more than a symbol.

In Britain the universities are one of the key centres of radicalization of British Muslims. In Britain we have major major problem. Our British Muslim children, born and bread in Britain, are being radicalized in Britain by British institutions to an extent to which their parents are not radical. The normal projectory of immigrants that children and their grand children become assimilated into the culture is in reverse in Britain. They are being radicalized in Britain. And one of the means radicalizing them is on campus, where institutions operating just below the radar [...] radicalizing them. Now, what is so horrifying is the scale of it. In 2005 a report by Professor Anthony Glees estimated that up to 48 British universities had been infiltrated by Islamists extremists. And we have a litany of… a long list of Islamists terrorists who have been radicalized on British campuses, and have gone on to blow up Israel-, American targets, European targets, as well as British targets. Now, the really horrifying thing is that this is being done with a connivence of both the university authorities and the British government.

We have a quite remarkable situation in Britain where the British government, for reasons I don’t have time to go into now, has decided that the way to fight Islamic radicalism is basically to absorb its narrative. It does not believe that we are facing a religious war. It believes that the terrorism that Britain is facing… and there are literally thousands of thousands of British Muslim young people who are in the terrorist ambit; we are facing something like 30 known major Islamist plots and between 2 and 4 thousand known individuals to the security service who are Islamist terrorists, that‘s known. So we know the extent of the problem, but the British government think that this is because these Muslims are being given a false interpretation of Islam. And so, in order to provide the antidote to terrorism, which is not to be called Islamic terrorism -- indeed our lead Minister in the counter terrorism area has described the terrorism that we face as, quote, "anti-Islamic activity" […] -- so the government has decided the antidote to the "anti-Islamic activity" of the Islamic Jihad is to provide more Islam -- real Islam -- to British Muslims, so they would be led away from the error of their ways in pursuing the false Islam of al-Qaida. And so they are using the Muslim Brotherhood to do that. They are using the Muslim Brotherhood against al-Qaida, and there are many "learn it"-seminars in our defence department, our security establishment, about how it is very unsophisticated not to have this divide and rule mentality. After all we are British, and we did run an empire on these lines. So the government actually thinks this can be delivered by Saudi Arabia.

Various things follow. First of all they refuses to ban Hizb ut-Tahrir. Now Hizb ut-Tahrir is a group, a global group committed to the overthrow of Western civilization and replacement by the Caliphate. In certain countries it believes to pursuing violence to achieve these ends, in other countries it believes in not pursuing violence. It’s a matter of tactics. In Britain it does not pursue violence. It prioritizes political Islamism. But the government believes on the analogy of the cold war, when it believes the intelligence communities of both Britain and America helped, found, and support organizations committed to socialism in order to divert impressionable and idealistic young people away from communism. So it can promote Islamism -- Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi backed religious nut cases who cares -- to attract impressionable young British Muslims, so that they wont join al-Qaida and blow us up. The idea that there is a seamless projectory between political Islam and al-Qaida -- that they are nearly two sides of the same coin; two arms of a pincer of the Jihad movement -- they would not accept. It doesn’t occur to them. So the government is actually promoting Islamic centres attached to every university as a means of providing an antidote to al-Qaida. As a result it is very comfortable about the fact that the Saudi Arabia has provided today something like 230 million pounds sterling to fund the development of such Islamic centres and to provide Islamic studies, which the British government says, quote, "are strategically important subject in counter Islamization"; Islamic studies. Now these Islamic studies are promoting anti West, anti America, anti Israeli, anti Jewish views. They also act an umbrella for explicitly anti Israel policy, because they are provided in the ambit… the Islamic studies are provide the overall umbrella for Middle East studies.

And so, for example, at Saint Anthony College in Oxford, which is the highly prestigious post-graduate college -- a part of University of Oxford -- again Professor Glees has estimated that the Middle Eastern Centre, which is funded by Saudi Arabi, at this Middle Eastern Centre 70 percent of its political lectures are implacably hostile to the West and to Israel. The University authorities generally do not accept any of this. When Anthony Glees publishes -- he published many studies showing the extent of radicalization on campus, the extent of Saudi infiltration, funding, and so on --, and, for his pains, the University authorities tried to get him sacked and generally made his life a misery.

At Cambridge University a couple of students who in the Student Union Newsletter published a disrespectful article about religion, religion in general as students will, and they pre-published one of the famous cartoons, and they also published absurdly juvenile insults against both Islam and Christianity. The result was students went into hiding, the University authorities threatened to suspend them, they called in the police, the police threatened to prosecute them. They were hounded, they were sent down. And the end of the story is that they weren’t actually prosecuted, but they were forced to apologize. Who did they apologize to? They apologized to Muslims and to Islam for the insult, they apologized to Christianity for the insult, and they apologized to Jews for the insult. They didn’t actually mentioned Jews, but nevertheless University authorities thought it was prudent in these times in Britain to apologize, basically, to every religion in the world, in case somebody might be insulted, and somebody might actually do something nasty.

The Universities simply refuse to act at all. The Foreign Office invited a hundred academics to bid for something like a million pounds in funds to participate in a counter radicalization program. They all refused. One of them said [...] this would, quote, "encourage researchers to identify subjects and groups associated with terrorism, that could be interpreted as encouraging […] to become infamous".

We have even more surreal situations. The government adviser on Islamic studies, Dr Ataullah Siddiqui, is director of an institution which has links to radical Islam. The government is now working with the Federation of Student Islamic Societies, which is heavily influenced by the Jamiat-i-Islami group and the Muslim Brotherhood which gives a platform to extremists. The result of all this is that we have radicalization of Muslim students. A recent survey showed in Britain 32 percent of British Muslim students believe that killing in the name of religion is justifiable. 40 percent wants to live under Sharia law in the United Kingdom. 18 percent feel little or no loyalty to the United Kingdom. 36 percent of young Muslims, age 16 to 24, support the death penalty for apostates, and 13 percent admire al-Qaida, and in response to this survey the President of the National Union Students, a gentleman by the name of Wes Streeting, said it was, quote, "a reflection merely of the biases and prejudices of a right wing think tank". This is what happens when one talks the truth in Britain about radical Islamism. One is accused of being right wing than which of course there is no greater crime and sin, and one is undermined by the British government, the British security service, and the British establishment, which in not understanding and acknowledging what we are fighting against is seeding the ground to our enemies. Thank you.

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