Kommentar från Finland...

vr-koko-ranta.jpg...av Samlingspartiets Wille Rydman om situationen i Sverige och Malmö, i nättidningen Verkkouutiset:
The Finnish politician, the President of the Youth Coalition, Wille Rydman, says that Finland must stop the terrorization of Jews committed by the Muslim asylum seeker population of the Swedish Muslim city of Malmö from spreading to Finland.

"We must learn from Sweden and be aware of how completely the Swedish Muslim immigration policy has failed. We cannot allow the same happen in Finland," the conservative politician writes in his blog.

"I'm aware that the topic is difficult and most Finnish politicians would rather distance themselves from it. Many of them feel I should too.

"Unfortunately this is so huge and serious issue that not a single political decision maker can shirk from his/her responsibility."

According to Rydman, Malmö has experienced violence against the Jewish population by the Muslim asylum seekers; bomb attacks on the Jewish cemetery and systematic persecution of the Jewish citizens of Malmö.

The perpetrators are Muslim.

Rydman believes it's the cruel irony of history that through the spread of multiculturalism, anti-Semitism has returned to Europe in form of radical Islam.

25 percent of the population of Malmö is Muslim.

"My view of the Muslim immigration policy is simple: No country should import more Muslim immigrants and no faster than they could be successfully integrated to the native community.

"In the Swedish case of Malmö, we can speak about a demographic disaster, of which the terrorization of the Jewish population of Malmö and the ghettos of certain Muslim areas sliding away from the control of the Swedish authorities are horrific examples.

Översättning från Counter Jihad, som har ett TV4-klipp om judars situation i Malmö.

Via Snaphanen.

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