Likheter klimat-alarmister och islamister?

Bland Storbritanniens muslimer är ju en relativt hög andel islamiska fundamentalister (om undersökning). Apropå förra posten om Channel 4:s dokumentär The Great Global Warming Swindle hittade jag på dokumentärens tittarforum en rätt speciell kommentar. Klipper in rubbet utan vidare kommentar. Några poänger, helt over the top eller kanske snarare Goodwins lag? Döm själva.

"Steve_M. I think Boo2u is making a valid (if undeveloped) point with his/her remarks about bush-hilter etc.

As AFR may also be noting of my previous post, the increasingly shrill and intolerant rantings of the 'Global Warmers' and those of their unwitting counterparts the Islamic Fundamentalists bear striking similarities - and the pattern of each group's relationship to the world (or, rather, their refusal of relationship) is one which is familiar through history.

Both the Global Warmers and the Islamic Fundamentalists claim an un-negotiable moral and authoritative high ground.

Both groups' underlying wish and aim is to do away with a healthy, democracy-based Western consumerism.

Both groups are deluded by a belief in a simple-minded utopia (Utopia's are ALWAYS simple-minded) based on a fantasised past (for one it's pre-industrial Asia, for the other is pre-industrial Europe)

To advance their cause, the members of both groups abandon independent thought and depend instead on quoting - ad-nauseum and highly selectively - from an exclusive volume of texts they claim to be an absolute authority (for one group it's the Koran, for the other it's the collective Scientific Research Papers)

Both groups mast the infantile needs their projects are designed to meet by investing them with an 'urgency' and 'complexity' - in an attempt to prevent the time and space in which both the project and its perpetrators would be exposed for what they really are.

History repeats itself. A big thank you to Channel 4 for what is likely to be the documentary of the decade."


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2 Responses to “Likheter klimat-alarmister och islamister?”

11 mars 2007 14:24

Några ord du kanske skulle kolla upp

"an hominem"
"guilt by association"
"the hitler card"

Sen kan vi återkomma till diskutionen

Magnus sa...
11 mars 2007 18:50

Det var en luddig start på en diskussion. Liknar mest de flesta av de uttrycken du själv gav. Konkretisera dig, annars rederar jag nog ditt inlägg. (Jag vet ju inte ens om en så uber-typ som di kommer tillbaka.)

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