Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Is Islam a religion of tolerance?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali talade 25 oktober på National Press Club över ämnet "Is Islam a religion of tolerance?".

Detta tal handlar inte om hennes senaste bok, Nomad, men på Veritas Universalis finns ett par klipp där boken beskrivs.

Tack vare flitige bloggaren Vlad Tepes, som laddat upp klipp på Youtube, skarvar jag det vidare i denna spellista med 4 klipp på cirka 50 minuter. Växla mellan klipp med pilarna som dyker upp när muspekare hålls över klippet.

Klipp #1, #2, #3 och #4.

8:50 klipp 2:
"The proposition that Islam is tolerant is not only fallacious but it’s also dangerous."

9:45 klipp 2:
"On the level of the stat actors, we have an alliance, a former alliance with almost all Muslim countries, except Iran and Syria ... that on the one hand is military, on the other hand it's diplomatic. So on the one hand Saudi Arabia is an ally, on the other hand it's financing the discourse to destroy America, a discourse of hostility and animosity towards the West and the US."

Talet slutar någon minut in i klipp 3 där en frågestund inleds.

6:50 i klipp 3 får Ayaan frågan om Juan Williams, som avskedades från NPR för ett uttalande om obehag av att vistas bland muslimer med muslimsk klädsel. Hon svarar
"It immediately reminded me of Europe, and the things that are going on in Europe where the lobbying and the intimidation tactics of the two categories, the Muslim Brotherhood plus the states, to criminalize any criticism of Islam. But it's not just legal criminalization, it's also to stigmatize socially, to say to somebody it must be something wrong with him. That has been very successful in Europe, and almost all critics have been silenced, I think, in my country except Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, and I get here and got an open podium to carry on to say whatever I want ... Juan Williams has met with the success of that policy, within NPR. So what it demonstrates to me is that the National public radio here in United States has successfully accepted the premise that if you criticize Islam you are racist, or Islamophobic, or you causing social upheaval, you're generating intolerance towards Muslims, and so forth. From that logic the thing for them to do was to fire him. And I think it's great, because it has exposed that that seed is there...".

Lite senare i samma klipp nämns idén att använda kristna för att få muslimer omvända till idéer närmare upplysningen.

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