Vad fattigdomsbekämpning och tillväxt kräver...

Ur Phyllis Schlafly-kolumn om Cancun, som ju rätt mycket handlade om att få till stånd överföring av ekonomiska medel från väst till utvecklingsländer:
"The poor nations at COP 16 presented a document called "Declaration From the South-South Summit on Climate Justice and Finance." It claimed that climate change is "an economic and social crisis, a political crisis, a food and energy crisis, and an ecological crisis."

This diatribe called for "climate justice, ecological justice, economic justice, gender justice and historical justice." Its presenters concluded by chanting, "Let's globalize the struggle!"

The main cause of poverty in other countries is the lack of enough energy. We should be increasing the use of energy rather than expanding government powers to restrict energy.

Tell your newly elected members of Congress that we reject all COP 16 demands as well as the insulting proposition that our successful economic system caused the world's poverty. If poor countries want to be rich, the way to go is to follow our American model for success, freedom and prosperity."

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