P. Chesler: A War Crime in Cairo -- bra mediekritik

egyptian_protestersPhyllis Chesler bl a om hur journalister arbetar, på frontpagemag.com:
Something is very wrong with the mainstream American media. By now, we all know that CBS did not find it newsworthy that, on February 11, 2011, their own chief foreign correspondent had been gang-raped by a mob of 200 men on the Muslim “Sabbath”—on the very day that President Mubarak stepped down. Instead, they spent four days continuing to celebrate the freedom fighters in Tahrir Square.

Only after CBS finally broke this story did other American media networks come forward with news of their own: Apparently, CNN’s Anderson Cooper had also been beaten up by the brave pro-democracy freedom fighters in Tahrir Square and ABC’s Brian Hartman had been threatened with beheading in that same allegedly pro-democracy uprising. Even Christian Amanpour had to be hustled away to safety by her handlers.

Clearly, the American media is so invested in its own political “narrative” (Muslims are a peace-loving people, Americans are brutal invaders and occupiers, Palestinians are the innocent injured parties, Israelis are the brutal aggressors) that they are willing to blindly sacrifice themselves and their staffs to cover events in the Arab, Muslim, and Islamist world.

Before I discuss the war crime committed against Lara Logan—a war crime very similar to those that have been committed against black girls and women by ethnic Arab Muslims in Darfur—I want to pose some harsh questions.
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Uppdatering 24/2: Ny information i NY Post om övergreppet på Uriasposten.

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Anonym sa...
22 februari 2011 19:46

Svensk media har krympt denna i deras ögon irrelevanta händelse till sexuellt antastad.

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