NY Times-journalist: Osäkert Egypten mitt i brottsvåg

David D Kirkpatrick beskriver kaos i Egypten:

Under revolutionen angreps fängelser där bl a terrordömda islamister rymde. Oroande, även för kriminalitet, om rymningarna fortsätter.

Skrev detta transkript (kommentera gärna orden jag missat):

"We're in the middle of a crime wave here, which has come to threaten the Egyptian revolution. Three month after street protests forced president Husni Mubarak from power, for the first time in Cairo people are afraid to walk in the streets at night. Sectarian riots last weekend that killed twelve people and caused two churches in flames, the kidnapping of a niece of former president Anwar Sadat, violence against a police officer […] suburb […] that sent him to the hospital, the kidnapping of police officer in Sinai, and a wave of jailbreaks across the city.

People aren't sure exactly who to blame or what to do about it. Excessive brutality by the police was the main spark of the revolution that drove president Mubarak from power three month ago. At that time demonstrators torched police stations and police cars around the city.

Some people say that the repercussions of that are sending mixed signals to the current police officers. The once who defended their police stations often used excessive force, as they were accustomed to do, and many of them now find themselves in jail, after revolution. Others who fled […] are doing just fine. So some say, you know, what message are the police supposed to take away from this.

After the night of sectarian rioting the Prime Minister came out and made an extraordinary declaration. He said: This government fully supports the right of the police to use all legal force to defend themselves, and the police stations. that's a remarkable statement, because the police were already not only authorized but required to use such force, and it’s and indication of just how bad the situation has got here, and how the once feared Egyptian police now in many cases appear actually quite timid."

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