Misleading info on the global climate issue

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Here are some pages which seriously questioning the global warming paradigm. You should scroll down the pages and find the charts with figures on the global climate; non-global warming figures? Or simply dubious figures? See e.g. the last paragraph "1996: Selective Use of Climate Data for Political Effect" on this page: http://www.
Or check out this article by Joe D'Aleo on the by scientists proposed influence from sunspots on global climate: http://www.intellicast.com/DrDewpoint/Library/1186

One must first remember that steam in the atmosphere has a stronger greenhouse effect than the green house gases. The, as it seems, plausible theory regarding the sunspots is based on the influense from cosmic rays and its influence on the creation of clouds. Danish physicist Henrik Svensmark was the one that first found this correlation, but he has been critizised from other global climate scientists, e.g. here. Kristjánsson:
"... the relationship between solar radiation and cloud cover cannot explain the warming observed on the earth’s surface during this period."
This critizism however don't seems to pay attention to the over all lack of global warming the late 20th century, e.g. according to NASA data that fully compensate the well known "urban effect" (data not fully compensating for this is unfortunately still used by environmentalists):

...and the climate has, due to recent research, fluctuated a lot the last 1000 and it was significantly warmer than now about 1100 years ago. A good article by Paul Dreisen, with lots of angels on the issue, here. One paragraph:
"Climate alarmists claim the 20th Century was the warmest in the last 1000 years, and say the last 20 years have witnessed an unprecedented increase in the earth's atmospheric temperature. That is simply not so, said Singer's international panel of climate scientists. "Those claims ignore or seriously downplay several major cooling and warming trends during the last millennium, including the Medieval Climate Optimum (900-1300 AD) and Little Ice Age (1450-1850)," says Wibjorn Karlen, a paleoclimatologist at Sweden's Stockholm University."

My own thoughts (or rather non professional guess) on the role of carbon dioxide on global warming is that it could have an underlying effect on the climate, marginally adding upon the rather heavy climate fluctuations caused by other natural sources. But there is however no convincing proof of that, and the methodology of the (not rarely dubious) global warming research, claming there will soon be (or that there already is) proof, seems to me all but convincing! And the daily debate concerning alarming storms (you may remember that some believe sunspots influences these phenomena, alhthough not yet any proof on that ...either), the obvious and for domes day prophets harassingly melting ice (no surprice or new phenomena) and so forth, all caused by the rich western society seems to be nothing but a modern myth. (The exaggeration and non scientific agenda might be the convenient issue for anti-western and anti-capitalist [which means anti-democracy and anti-free market economy] people, but I think its also much driven by a typical kind of political mind with a need to address big issues, sort of...)


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