Fidel Castro, the Swedish icon?

From an exotic place on earth.

The swedish national publicly funded television broadcaster Sveriges Television (SVT) will this weekend for a full evening celebrate ...the communist dictator Fidel Castro!
Saturday 2nd Dec.

20.00 Topic: Fidel Castro
20.01 History will acquit me
21.00 News
21.15 History will acquit me (continue)
21.30 Fidel Castro and Cuba
21.35 Comandante
23.10 Dear Fidel

Mattias Svensson describes this at blogger Gudmundsson (in swedish; this translator may help?)

There are only communists, and as well Castro apologets, in the "expert" panel and no adequat critics is supposed to appear. I guess that no other democratic nation broadcast something comparable to this. The swedish media is politically very leftish, where almost every second journalist support the small former (still?) communist left party or the small leftish green party.

Polls has also shown that people in Sweden are much more critical against USA than people in the rest of Scandinavia. Swedes think USA is the biggest threat against world peace! Even Northkorea got a smaller figure. Partly a result from a kind of mind control by leftish journalists, I think.

Thank God we are just a small kind of exotic country!

(SVT's program site where nothing shows that those involved are communists.)


[Updated 4 dec]

See also Stefan Olsson here, Johan Norberg here, here and here, as well as The Local with good posts on this broadcast scandal.

HAX suggests where you can send a protest letter.

The dictator Castro was described as a great leader and not even mentioned as a dictator. The program didn't questioned the positive Castro picture given or mentioned the Cuba dissidents, the political totalitarianism, repression with torture etc. (I don't think the program fulfilled SVT:s broadcast right deal, since it not presented more than one point of view; Fidel Castros own and his disciples'...)

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