Muslimer emot förnekelsekonferens

Helt apropå. Några muslimska bloggare har skrivit ett upprop mot förintelseförenekelsekonferensen samt mot Irans president Ahmadineajad.

Ingen större grej i universum kanske, men kanske på sätt och vis intressant som exempel på Internets betydelse. ...Internet som iofs möjliggör all möjlig sk*t, men även denna slags gräsrotsprotest (och sk*ten kanske ändå hotas, får man hoppas, av de möten över diverse gränser och tillfällen till diskussioner som ges i dessa).

Så här inleds och avslutas protesten:
"We the following Muslim bloggers hereby affirm that the Holocaust did happen because, not only are we quite capable of understanding overwhelming historical evidence, we also refuse to allow Muslim leaders to twist history for cruel, personal and selfish gains -- thereby reflecting negatively upon us and the message of Islam -- without confronting their actions with the hammer of righteous indignation. For religious, moral, and historical reasons, we repudiate and spit upon the Holocaust deniers conference now taking place in Iran, and stand in solidarity with student, and other, anti-fascists in that great nation, along with the victims of the Holocaust itself.
If he thinks the free Muslims of the world will stand silently in the face of his callous rejection of logic and reason under the banner of Islam, he is in for a big surprise. Let our collective voices ring loudly and clearly that we reaffirm the right for Iranians to live in a nation whose leaders are not genocidal bigots. May Allah have mercy on Ahmadinejad's soul because, in the face of his systemic disregard for humanity, we the undersigned absolutely do not."

Uppdatering (16 dec): Se gärna denna senare post i samma ämne.

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