Obamas oroande energipolitik (Chris Horner)

Chris Horner påstår bl a (hos Glenn Beck) att Obama är i färd att kopiera Kaliforniens misslyckade energipolitik:
"California energy policies are a significant reason why they have regulated themselves into bankruptcy and people are fleeing the state by the month. Now we want to nationalize California's global warming policies..."

Funderar på om liberalernas enkla majoritet i senaten, som alltså inte riktigt är kvalificerad majoritet, verkligen kan vara det som gör följande aktuellt (är inte liberalerna 1 röst ifrån 60 rösters kvalificerad majoritet?):
Beck: "Obama saying that there is a possibility they're going to go for Kyoto in a way -- and help me out on this Chris -- in a way that we wouldn't have to have the Senate ratifiy this..."

Horner: "Right, that's… the conventional talk is that: well, you know, if we don't call it a treaty, even if the rest of the world does, then we don't need to get that impossible -- I assure you -- two third senate vote in approval of a treaty, as the constitution article 2 section 2 requires. Remember, we did sign Kyoto. Bill Clinton signed it. George Bush never unsigned it. The Senate could have voted on it for the past 10, 11 years now. They don't want to, because they know they can't get two thirds… if you change that to a simple majority in a no amendment no filibuster procedure it's called fast track. It’s how we got NAFTA. NAFTA is a treaty that we didn’t called a treaty."

Tillbakalänkning om Obama och miljö/klimat: SvD
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