Tjeck om Obamas Israelpolitik samt Obama Motor Co

Låt mig tipsa om denna bloggpost hos tjeckiske fysikern Luboš Motl:
As an ally of Israel, Obamaland sucks

There are many issues where Barack Obama has already demonstrated that his left-wing supporters have been detached from reality. For example, Gitmo can't be abolished as "humanly" as some people would love to believe (and as he may have been promising). However, the U.S. attitude to the Middle East questions has significantly deteriorated since Obama's oath.

Hillary and Obama have demanded that all Israeli citizens stop any expansion of their settlements in Judea and Samaria, including the legal ones. At the same moment, it seems that the current U.S. administration is simply satisfied with the expansion of the Arab settlements at the disputed territory. In this sense, Obamaland is not only failing in being an ally of Israel: it is becoming a moderate enemy.


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