44 procent tar Bush framför Obama

Victor Davis Hanson tar i the corner bl a upp Sarah Palins op-ed i Washington Post (tar jag upp på min klimatblogg). Hanson avslutar artikeln med att Obama kan få problem med ...en "favoritdemon".
"The Trumanization of Bush? A Public Policy poll lists that an astounding 44 percent of those interviewed said they would now prefer George W. Bush to President Obama. Bush's post-9/11 security protocols kept us safe, Iraq will probably work, and his regrettable deficits and big spending proposals like No Child Left Behind and the prescription-drug benefit, in comparison to the ongoing $1.7 trillion deficts and the $9 trillion more slated to come in the next few years, make Bush seem almost fiscally sound. Maybe the public also sees Bush's post-presidential magnanimity quite in contrast with Obama's tawdry whines about the prior administration. In other words, I think Obama will have to drop "Bush did it" — since it seems to be creating nostalgia in comparison to the current alternative of bows, deficits, apologies, and Chicago cronyism — and far more still to come."

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