Klen respekt för fria ordet på dagis universitet

Noterade följande två klipp.

Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform skulle ha hållit en föreläsning inkluderande pro-life på McGill University:

Part 1 of 19 - Echoes of the Holocaust presentation hosted by Choose Life McGill disrupted by abortion advocates Oct. 6 2009 from Georges Buscemi on Vimeo.

USA:s Israel-ambassadör Michael Oren skulle ha hållit ett tal på University of California:

Oren uttalade sig om detta i en intervju om Iran på PJTV:
"Unfortenately this is happen at several campuses to several Israeli speakers, but not only to Israeli speakers. Last week at Georgetown Campus General Petraeus was subject to the same type of interference, so I think it's the beginning of a trend that we have to watch very very carefully. A trend of sort of bring the Middle East, where there is no freedom of expression, on to American campuses, and we have to be very [......] indeed to prevent that from happening."

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