Bill Whittle: Obamas vänner och fiender

Bill Whittle om den amerikanske president många anser vara sämst någonsin.

Något har du kanske hört förr, men tyckte det kunde få en bloggpost.

Början och ett stycke en bit in i transkript:
You know, there comes a point where – no matter how you try to offer the benefit of the doubt – evidence builds up to such a degree that you can no longer deny that the evidence is trying to tell you something. And halfway through his first term, the foreign policy decisions made by Barack Obama and his administration are so appalling, and so destructive in the long term; they no longer can be credited to inexperience or even incompetence. They are so consistent that they must be due to ideology.

Some of you are old enough to remember life during the cold war. Well, the final stroke that shattered the Soviet Union came from a steelworkers union in the Polish town of Gdansk – called Solidarity – the raw personal courage of its leader, Lech Walesa, and the immediate and unequivocal moral support given by two champions of human decency and freedom: Polish Pope John Paul II, and United States President Ronald Reagan.

Poland became the first and the greatest of former adversaries turned into ardent pro-west, pro-democracy countries, but after decades of research and billions of dollars – and not long after the Russian invasion of former soviet satellite Georgia — President Obama cancelled a working missile defense that was to have been based in Poland. He did it to appease the country which divided Poland with the Nazis in 1939 — Russia. And he did it on the 70th anniversary – to the day – of the German invasion. That is a mortal insult to a brave people and stalwart ally.

In Honduras, another American ally in sea of socialism and dictators, the ruling Honduran President tried extra-constitutional measures to extend his term, a move rejected by the Honduran courts and the Honduran people. But the Obama administration ignored this, and essentially said they would not do business again with Honduras unless the proto-dictator was re-seated.


NONE OF THIS compares to the recent announcement that –- in stark contrast to the help given Margaret Thatcher by Ronald Reagan in Britain’s 1982 defense of the Falkland Islands – America would remain “neutral” should Argentina try to give the invasion another go… Or, the fact that President of the United States of America gave to the Russians – over strenuous, almost incredulous British protests – the actual serial numbers of the US Trident missiles sold to Great Britain. KGB spies were presumably prepared to die to get this information, but Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, handed these secrets to the Russians over the protests of our closest ally so that he could get a Start Treaty with Russia to help his sagging poll numbers at home.


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