Är USA pankt nu?

Reason TV:

Obamas ord att statens utgifter måste täckas upp av intäkter betyder kanske för en sosse ekonomi och frihet hämmande skatter. Obama föreslår blygsamma utgiftsnedskärningar, mindre än de små republikanerna föreslår, och nya utgifter har annonserats, t ex elbils-stöd. (I praktiken statens bolag GM:s elbil Volt, och det tror Obama leder till att få ekonomin på fötter igen...)

Cato sätter republikanernas besparingsförslag i perspektiv:

Avslutningsvis om en bloggpost av Alan Caruba igår, The Party's Over, beskrivande, om än pessimistiskt, situationen för landets och människors ekonomi.


When I turn on the television news or listen to it on the radio, what I really hear is that everyone is waiting for the megalith we call the federal government to come up with a budget and to fund its function for another two weeks!

When a nation cannot operate in a predictable, rational way, it forces people to put a lot of ordinary decisions on hold.

That’s why a great swath of businesses is just waiting for someone to buy something. The ones that provide goods that are essential, food, toilet paper, things to keep the house clean, medications, are okay, but anything that is non-essential is moving far more slowly. [...]


As the price of gasoline goes up, reflecting the turmoil throughout the Middle East as it recedes further into its dark ages people are going to travel less. Visiting grandma will be by iphone. The huge business of trade conferences will be hard hit. In turn, hotels, airlines, and tourism will feel the affect.

Nobody has any idea how America will pay off the huge debt it has acquired—the bulk of it in just the last two years—and still Congress critters argue over cutting pitifully small pieces of it.

We have huge government departments and agencies that should simply be shuttered, along with their matrix of duplicated and overlapping programs that suck up millions, if not billions, annually. It won’t happen.

There is a lull in the life of the nation. Shops are closing. Homes are going unsold or foreclosed or both. Everything looks “normal”, but it isn’t. The party’s over."

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