Antisemitism i Sverige (sommar-repris)

[Här ännu en repris-post.]

Israeliska TV-programmet Close Up om situationen för judiska samfundet i Sverige. Mera hos Jihad i Malmö.

The Jewish Community of Sweden 2010 from Israel Up Close on Vimeo.

En kommentar av Baron Bodissey:
"A little later in the film you’ll encounter what I call a “suicide Jew”. An American Jew who moved to Israel first and then Sweden, who says that her mission is to help overcome anti-Semitism so that Sweden and the rest of Europe can become fully multicultural. She sees Jews as the vanguard working towards this goal, helping Swedes realize their full multicultural destiny.

This is a delusion, and a dangerous one. If she were to achieve her goal, Europe and Sweden would become Islamic by default, because Muslims — who are the obvious demographic winners — would have it no other way. And then who does she think would be first in line to experience the scimitars of Europe’s new rulers?

Dangerously, fatally delusional."

Sydsvenskan har speglat Malmös "mellanösternisering". En palestinier sympatiserar med socialdemokraterna för att de står på deras sida.
Socialdemokraternas starke man i Malmö Ilmar Reepalu visar mer sympati, tycker Aied Fayoumi. Han var aktiv i "Stoppa matchen"-demonstrationen och blev glad när Ilmar Reepalu uttryckte sin personliga åsikt under Gazakriget 2009. Reepalu sa att tennismatchen mellan Sverige och Israel inte borde ha spelats.

- Det var viktigt. Mycket bra, säger Aied Fayoumi.

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