Lokala inbördeskrig väntar Frankrike (sommar-repris)

[Lägger ut lite repriser. Först denna post.]

Multiculturalisme et islam en France reportage... by avraidiretube

Författaren och journalisten som anser att inbördeskrig är oundvikligt är Alexandre del Valle som bl a undervisar i geopolitik. Informationsrik Wikipedia-sida med bl a detta:

Alexandre del Valle has earned a geopolitical PhD on the Red-green-brown alliance. He contributes to a better analysis of new totalitarian threats. One of his major references is Karl Popper and his historical work: The Open Society and its Enemies.

Del Valle describes what he calls the new Western and European Munich in the face of Islamist fascism. Like Bat Ye'or, he also analyzes the dhimmitude which has gradually been befalling the declining "psychologically as well as demographically" countries of Europe which seem to be sinking into a condition which Ye'or has described as "Eurabia."

Theory on the Red-Green-Brown Alliance

Del Valle describes the emergence of a Red-Green-Brown Axis: the Red of the extreme left, the Brown of the extreme right, and the Green of Islamism.,[6] The different components of this Axis have for a common objective the struggle against the new faces of Evil: America, Israel,Imperialism, and even the West in its entirety .

According to his theories, Islamism, the third totalitarianism after Nazism and communism, extends the aspirations of its two predecessors: seizing the struggle of civilizations and religions then declaring war on the non-Muslim world in the name of the "dispossessed". This totalitarianism seduces as much those nostalgics for the pagan Third Reich, resolved to eradicate Judaism and Christianity, as it does those partisans of communism, determined to come to blows with capitalism and the West.

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