Wilders: ...if we don’t wake up very soon...

Pamela Geller intervjuade just Geert Wilders. Det första av två intervju-klipp:

Från intervjuns inledning:

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Geller: ... I am here in an undisclosed location in New York City with Gert Wilders - hero, legend, freedom fighter. He is a member of parliament of his own party, the Freedom Party in the Netherlands, and I want to discuss with him the common status of the increasing islamification of Europe.

Now, you came to America. What is your objective?

Wilders: Well, my objective is to speak to the American audience and to warn them that they are losing Europe -- if they have not already lost Europe -- to the terror war process of islamization of our continent, and my point today would be that America might be the last man standing alone in the fight for the preservation of our culture. The fight against [...] our western societies, and that indeed, when you talk about what is happening in Europe today, with the influx of Islam. A culture that [...] I believe is not a culture but a token, an ideology of [...] backwardness, and only one thing that is not do assimilate in our societies but to submit everything that we stand for, and at the end of the day Europe will lose its freedom. We lose democracy. We lose everything that we stand for. And unfortunately the political elite in Netherlands, and in Europe -- all through Europe -- they look in the other direction. They are very political correct, and they are in faith of the biggest disease we have today in Europe, which is called multiculturalism, and cultural radicalism [...] and we see in the streets of our cities in Europe, everyday, that the violence and everything that’s happening to our societies is going for the worse. And let me tell you that today we have in Europe like 54 million Muslims, and my point is not so much against the Muslims but against the ideology, and I believe that, even though there might be moderate Muslims, that the moderate Islam is not existent, and that we shall not treat Islam as just another leaf on the tree -- that there is one leaf that’s called Christianity, one leaf that’s called Judaism. That Islam indeed is something that wants to kill the tree, and everything that we stands for, and that Islam will be that ideology that can only be compared to ideologies like communism, like fascism, like national-socialism, and that if we don’t wake up very soon that not only Europe will be lost but America will indeed stand alone in [...] the preservation of our common heritage that is everything but Islam.

Allt på Atlas Shrugs!

Dagen: "Ny lag i Iran: Dödsstraff för alla som lämnar islam"

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