UK: Namnet Mohammed vanligare än George

I Storbritannien ges nu barn oftare namnet Mohammed än George.

Gerard Baker från Times of London kommenterar. Han verkar verkligen försöka att hålla en positiv grundton, och nämner exempelvis inte sharialagstiftning. Han ger typiskt nog en släng åt George Bush, men nämner avslutningsvis hotande separatism.

En utskrift (förbehåll för fel):
John Gibson: So Gerard, what does this mean? More Muslims in Britain?

Gerard Baker: That’s right. I mean the number of Muslims is growing dramatically. Muslims tend to have larger families, many more children. Birthrates among the rest of the population are declining. It‘s even more dramatic in the rest of Europe. Mohammed is actually the single most popular name on birth certificates in Belgium for example. Across Europe this is a demographical phenomenon. More and more Muslims are having five or six, seven children. Traditional [???] Christians tend to be having one or in many cases no children at all, so we’re on a steady path here towards a rapid increase in the proportion of the population who is Muslim.

JG: Is it fair to say that Britain is becoming a Muslim country?

GB: No, that would be going too far. The population… the official Muslim population is somewhere around 5 percent. That’s still, obviously… there’s a long way to go before they becomes a majority. Bigger, again, is they in many other countries in Europe. More like 10 or even 15 percent in some of these countries. But Britain is not going to be [???] in the near future. But what is going to happen is that steadily the influence of Islam, the influence of Muslims is going to grow unless there is a reversal in these demographic trends. I mean it’s not all bad. I suppose it’s not as bad as perhaps some people might think. There are as you said, Mohammed is now a more popular name than George, but still the top English name is still Jack for boys. I don’t know whether there is any evidence that American politics has had any influence on popularity on George. But we’ll see. This is striking, that Mohammed is now more popular than Mohammed.

JG: Mr Baker, how is this changing life in Britain?

GB: It’s changing life in the sense that there are many more Muslims who are [???] around, who have much more political power than they were. We got a number.. You just been having this dispute here whether or not a Muslim member of congress shall be allowed to speak sworn on the Quran. We got many Muslim members of Parliament in Britain. They are growing in influence, most of them to be perfectly fair or moderate peaceful Muslim who want to belong to the British society. Unfortunately there is a group, or a leadership of Muslim groups in Britain, that actually doesn’t accept that, and actually want to oppose this membership of the British society, and actually want to turn the British society into an Islamic society. And that’s the problem we have, this growing minority of the Muslim population that is actually… you know, in many way getting its way and making further inroads, and becoming essentially a separatist organization.


Hade för ett par år sedan ett inlägg om demografi, med följande diagram.

Baseras på att barn per kvinna för etniska svenskar är 1.75, för ickemuslimska invandrare och med sådan invandrarbakgrund 2.1 samt för muslimska invandrare och med sådan invandrarbakgrund avtagande i 55 år från 3.5 till 2.35 (vilket förefaller lågt m t p Gerard Bakers uppgift). Ålder när barn skaffas och livslängd antas lika för alla kategorier. Nivå på invandring konstant, nära 2007 års tal.

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