Del av intervju med Oskar bakom folkomröstningen

Livingscoop har 10 klipp med ett samtal med Oskar Freysinger, initiativtagaren bakom Schweiz folkomrösning om minareter. Klipp 2 och 6 är översatta till engelska. Här klipp 2. Tog mig friheten att skriva ned översatt text nedan.

Q: You, Oscar Fresysinger, it seems that you can express your opinion very free in your country about this vote, to the extent that you could make it a national vote because, notwithstanding the Swiss democratic system that should be -- in my opinion -- a universal example to follow, there are only (please correct me if I’m wrong) about 400 000 Muslims settled in Switzerland which represent about 5% of all Swiss citizens, while in France, e.g., they are 10 millions at least! That is to be one sixth of the whole population; thus we may think it’s the main reason why neither the press (which in France is a complacent and compliant one to the Government) nor the politicians will ever dare to tell loud and clear that Islam has nothing to do with the western value system: whether it’s about culture, taste, habits and customs or this excellent white wine, “Petit Rhin” with which we toasted, or else the mythology and the essence of the European Man of which Ulysses through “Illyade and the Odyssey” by Homer is one of the most significant archetypes; then they will never have the courage and the will to propose such a Swiss law against minarets because one would most probably face Muslim tidal waves into the streets along with the politically correct class from left to right; now, the “komrade kommissars” attendant to the Thought Police often refer to the waves of immigrants from Italy, Poan, etc., but consider them on the same ethnic or civilizational level as the immigrants from Northern Africa, for instance, or elsewhere, and no one dare to reveal and expose such intellectual fallacy in order to avoid the usual “racist” argument and to end under the first guillotine (France is quite familiar with it…). By the way, today in France, the same who once blessed the Algerian National Liberation Front and its sinister ultimatum ”the suitcase or the coffin” addressed to the French or the Harki, then today, like en upset maid who’s just broken a porcelain vase, they go on at us with this pitch: “now that they are settled here, one has to cope with them”, for the benefit of the ‘Living Together’ ukase; but when one remember the 2005 riots in French suburbs, the galloping islamization of towns (e.g. Roubaix), the acts of aggression against Whites and the hate of whites, one understands that the so-called “Living Together” is rather a “Living Daylights” out of Whites!

Well, Oskar Freysinger, don’t you think that, one day, France might become the “Gaza Strip” of Switzerland and that your country will have to build a security wall?

Oskar F: well, frankly, I think that all of this is very likely to be an outlook bleak, in my opinion France is doomed, France is already doomed, dito for United Kingdom since a certain time, France is just following this trend. In Switzerland, we managed to react very quickly, once the opening of borders was implemented as we must now comply to the Schengen Agreement and the free movement of persons we can’t any longer protect ourselves to the extent we could against certain development that occurred in neighbouring countries. What I foresee, and it is a terrible mistake from western societies, that comes from May 1968 where one used to say: “Let’s raze the Alps to the ground, and have a clear view of the Mediterranean”. I remember that one used to say in German: “Weck mit den Alpen, freie Sicht auf Mittelmeer!” as they used to say in German, but the problem is that these Alps are not simply a kind of gate, or something that confines they are also something that uplift one’s soul. Mountains make one comes out of an ordeal a stronger and uplifted person, who overcomes his weakness and goes beyond his limits, beyond the social conventions, off the beaten path; that’s a challenge and I think that western society, since the Age of Enlightenment, has followed such path. We also have been under the yoke of a unique and crushing dogma during quite a lot of centuries, and it took many time to be free from it in order to tailor one’s religious practice, and to practice democracy, liberty and free expression, etc. at present time, one’s like to stake all of this, because in the name of ‘multiculturalism’ one lets in a society that actually has not at all any sense of multiculturalism but is only monocultural doctrine. Through communitarianism, one wants to smuggle an illegal society into our world via every bridgehead, suburb, ghetto.

Thus, the perspectives are, in my opinion, quite bad in the sense that we’ll face a society, just like you mentioned about the Gaza Strip, and yes it’s gonna be like the occupied territories with two communities that hate each other and never get in touch except through violence, and through the illusion of having destroyed the traditional borders, pulled-down the walls, one has actually rebuilt multiple walls inside the nations, inside human being, even inside the heart of people; this didn’t work at all because one has made people believe that they were, first of all, ‘citizens of the world’. That’s not true. It’s a delusion. It makes no sense to be ‘citizen of the world’. I’m a citizen of the world only if I’m first of all deeply rooted in a soil, like this one here, this is the land where I was born. I have a strong emotional relationship with this land, and I’m moulded out of all its history, it’s the land of my ancestors. Thus if I cut these very roots, I have not anymore a future, and this what the EU is actually doing: cutting this kind of roots. The EU believe it can create a sort of nomadic citizen, hyper adaptable , perfectly malleable and easy to use, so the more one cuts Man from his roots the more one believe it frees him, but actually no free man is created from this process but a man enslaved into vacuum. That’s the biggest prison. It’s terrifying because what do you do in a vacuum? You’re just infinitely lost in nowhere… Now, to come back to the French elites, they have a fear, and I can see it in some Swiss elites too because no one wants to look like the ‘bastard’ in the medias, nor the ‘vile fascist’, eh? Just remember the role I recently played in French TV with staff of leftists yuppies mocking me, ok right! As for me I’ve this desire to defend what I’ve always believed in and that my culture en my ancestors have in fine led to, while it doesn’t mean I have no appreciation of other as otherness is source of abundance, and it is so if the other respects my roots as much as I respect his roots; if each one has this base and the strength and self-confidence that allow one to open thyself to the other it’s a good thing; but as soon as openness to the other is nothing but a flight from thyself, a flight from the responsibilities one doesn’t want to face to, or from the roots of one’s very existence that one is disowning, then the dead end of such path is desertion of thyself an, in fine, eradication of a culture one pretends to defend.

The elites are restless because they are under a terrific pressure from the medias, and, what I’m also notice in Switzerland, most of them are bribed. These people get wages from various lobbies, they are at a crossroad of different bonds of interest, thus their decisions are not innocent ones. These elites are not anymore genuine representatives. The Swiss elites have less power because there is direct democracy in our country: the people is the Opposition. So, when the elites go too far, the people reacts like he did on last 29/11/2009. The people says: “Wait! Here we are the sovereign!” And this, in the EU, is not feared by the elites, as they have so well built their ’machine’ that the people is actually castrated, like an eunuch; the people can take note but no more act, it can express its bad mood as much as it wishes but the institutions will not allow to really express it in the political game. Oh yeas, every 4 years, one is voting for such or such but, in fine, the society scheme is terrifically the same, and all will be masterminded to make sure that someone representing another society scheme or another vision of culture might be elected, because the political and financial interests are to such degree mixed in one another that all the freedom and range of action is lost. Then these elites are sumptuously paid, with secretaries, lifetime income, etc., all that we do not have as we are the militia parliamentaries; I’m still a teacher for 65% of my time. So, I must always be accountable to the people who is my sovereign, my fellow citizens are my sovereign, they have the right to ask me explanations. I must explain, attend debates, consent to enter the ring, I’m not orbiting somewhere far above people’s head without worrying about their every day life; that is the fundamental difference and why I’m defending with such vigour this system of direct democracy.

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