Noterat: Tjeckisk kardinal om Europas islamisering

Lubos Motl översatte delar av en intervju med Tjeckiens kardinal Miloslav Vlki. Ett avsnitt:
"[...] We must therefore be prepared to expect that if Europe doesn't change its attitude to its own roots, the continent will be islamized. One-sidedly absolutized human rights are yet another driver that opens the door to such a future. Christianity is under pressure from Islam: we must live our belief at full speed. It's one of the signs and challenges of our age.

22) According to demographic studies, many Western European countries - the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, or Great Britain - are on their way to become predominantly islamic countries in a few decades. In your opinion, what does it prove?.

So far, these changes are dominated by immigration and the natality gap rather than conversions. However, the future may bring a wave of conversions to Islam, too. And it shows what I said just a minute ago: the spiritual emptiness of the dominant lifestyle of our formerly Christian Europe. It shows individualism which is no longer willing - and sometimes even unable - to bring the sacrifice. It is allergic to the very word "sacrifice". Unless the Christians "wake up", the islamization of the lives may arrive and Christianity won't have the strength to imprint its character onto the lives of the people - and surely not onto the life of the society"

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