Islamic imperialism and the clash of civilizations

Bra tankeväckande föreläsning från STOPShariaLAWnow. (Ev. saknas visning av några slides, men samtliga visas från fjärde klippet.)

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6:53 i tredje klippet, efter att islams besegrande av Spanien nämnts:
"...and then they got into France, almost to the gates of Paris, in 21 years, and they were defeated by the French at the Battle of Poitiers, which is sometimes call Battle of Tours, in 1731 by Charles Martel, who was the grandfather of Charlemagne. Charles Martel’s dynasty then ruled the country and in 800 the pope crowned Charlemagne as the Holy Roman emperor.

Now again this seems like ancient history, but you know Charlemagne is the inspiration today for the European Union. So, you know, this is recent history to most Europeans. And I think one disadvantage we have in dealing with the problem of resurgent Islam is that we don’t take history seriously. Not the rest of the world, I shouldn’t say that, but people in the Middle East do take it seriously. It’s very much a part of their, you know, thinking as they grow up, and... so we need to learn some of these things, and learn them fast, because we are up against this major threat."

2:23 i femte klippet:
"...there have been a dramatic increase in the numbers of Islamic nations, so the power and influence of Islam has grown dramatically in the past 40, 50 years. Even a country like Ethiopia, which you know when I was at school [...] we were always taught of was an ancient Christian kingdom. Today Ethiopia is 50 percent Muslim. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. It is the fastest growing religion in the United States, and in 1970 census there were half a million Muslim in the United States. Today there are between 8 and 12 million."

"France has the biggest Muslim population in the Western world, 10 percent. But what is interesting is that the kids in school are 30 percent Muslim."

Från 7:35 i femte klippet citeras Tony Blankley (är från boken The West's last chance: will we win the clash of civilizations? (förhandsgranskning)):

"...the phrase 'War on Terror' has been a deeply flawed description, because the danger is more than terrorist attacks, and our response has to be greater than preventing terrorist attacks. We are facing a challenge of immigration, cultural aggression, and a conflict of values, religions, and lifestyles. Professor Samuel Huntington's 'Clash of Civilizations' is a closer approximation of the danger, but even that is insufficient. Professor Huntington, writing in 1994, described a geographic arc of danger from the Middle East to Indonesia. But today's globalized and Interneted world, the forces we must confront are ubiquitous: They are ahead of us, behind us, and within us. [...] In an odd way we are in a situation similar to that which confronted the American Indians when European explorers landed on these shores. From North America to South America, the Indians vastly outnumbered the intruders. ... Had the Europeans been seen as a threat by the Indians, the Indians could have slaughtered them in short order. ... Only gradually did the intrusion -- driven in part by exploration and a quest for trade -- gain in magnitude, change in intent, establish beachheads, and eventually overwhelm the native population." [slut på bok-citat]

Salman Rushdie [...] was interviewed recently on CSPAN, and he made the comment, you know when a Muslim moves to Detroit, he doesn't want to move to a liberal progressive republic, like the United States. He sees himself as one of the people that is establishing a beachhead in America to enable the expansion of Islam. And that's coming from a Muslim."

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One response to “Islamic imperialism and the clash of civilizations”

Anonym sa...
9 mars 2010 02:12

Den andra muslimska imperialismvågen är lite mer subtil än den tidigare, den här gången använder de invandraning och spelar på vår ödmjukhet. Om inte situationen ändras snart, så blir det tyvärr nog krig, och då är vår enda chans för överlevnad att utrota bort varenda muslim från Europas yta.

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