Europa och demokratin -- Daniel Hannan

För några dagar sedan höll Daniel Hannan ett tal på Institute of Public Affairs i Melbourne.

Vid cirka 00:50:
"Most people in Britain saw [EU] as a trade off between the politics and the economics. Now, we would lose a little bit of sovereignty, and that was a bad thing, but it would be offset by gaining some prosperity. Nobody [...] still believe in that equation. We see what's going on, and my constituency is very clear, that the EU means a loss of democracy and a loss of prosperity."

Vid cirka 01:25:
"We thought we were hitching our wagons to a powerful locomotive. In fact we shackled ourselves to a corps. Instead of joining a prosperous and growing market we have confined ourselves in a cramped and declining customs union, and in doing so, my friends, we have cut ourselves off from the bits of the world where the growth still is."

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