Lord Pearson: Två år att hantera kulturellt problem

Intervju med Lord Malcolm Pearson, brittisk affärsman och underhusledamot för UK Independent Party, vid en yttrandefrihets-konferens 28:e oktober i Washington DC.

Han nämner att radikala muslimer hotade attackera preiärministerns bostad samt House of Lords om Storbritannien hade tillåtit Geert Wilders att komma och visa sin film. (Den episoden nämnde jag här, i Spencer-stycket.)

Han får ungefär 6:15 följande fråga:
Fråga: How much time do you feel England has if nothing changes -- if there's no... if things continuous as they are now, no really fundamentally policy change [...] -- before all control of its cultural and its legal destiny is lost?

Lord Pearson: Well, it's hard to say, but of course, what is going to decide the answer to that is the birth rate. The fact that that the Muslims are breeding ten times faster than us ...I don't know at what point they reach such a number that we are no longer able to resist their demands. And I can't answer that question, but we must be looking somewhere between ten and twenty years, something of that kind. But if we don't do something now, you know within in the next year or two, we have in effect lost.

(Uppdatering) Slutet av intervjun:
Fråga: Out of curiosity, if "one" was the darkest point of England’s history, as a recognizable nation in its hell of the many centuries, or millennia, history -- if "one" was the worst weakest moment fro individual liberty and individual freedom, and "ten" was the pinnacle of British legal ideals ... individual rights and the healthiest relationship between the state and the people, where would you say that England is now?

Lord Pearson: I'm afraid it's only about somewhere between "six" and "four" [on the] way down".

Mer om intervjun på Gates of Vienna.


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