David Berlinski svarar ateismens jihadister

David Berlinski intervjuas på Uncommonknowledge. Han har kritiserat de hätska attackerna mot troende, inte minst kristna, från exvis Richard Dawkins och Sam Harris. Ur förordet på hans bok The Devil's Delusion:

"The discussion has been ceded to men who regard religiousbelief with frivolous contempt. Their books have in recent years poured from every press, and although differing widely in their style, they are identical in their message: Because scientific theories are true, religious beliefs must be false. Harris has conveyed the point by entitling an essay “Science Must Destroy Religion.” His call to jihad cannot be long delayed.

If science stands opposed to religion, it is not because of anything contained in either the premises or the conclusionsof the great scientific theories. They do not mention a wordabout God. They do not treat of any faith beyond the one that they themselves demand. They compel no ritual beyond theusual rituals of academic life, and these involve nothing morethan the worship of what is widely worshipped. Confident assertions by scientists that in the privacy of their chambers they have demonstrated that God does not exist have nothing to do with science, and even less to do with God’s existence. In all this, two influential ideas are at work. The first is that there is something answering to the name of science. The second is that something answering to the name of science offers sophisticated men and women a coherent vision of the universe. The second claim is false if the first claim is.

And the first claim is false. Nothing answers to the name of science. And Nothing has no particular method either, beyond the immemorial dictates of common sense."

Del 1 -- David Berlinski introduces his book.

Del 2 -- David Berlinski discusses why he thinks Darwin’s theory is flawed.

Del 3 -- Is the Big Bang theory consistent with Christian beliefs?

Del 4 -- David Berlinski discusses right and wrong.

Del 5 -- Can scientists disprove the existence of God? David Berlinski responds.

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